Action Hero  Andy Field  Bootworks Theatre
 Brian Lobel  Bryony Kimmings  Dan Canham
 dreamthinkspeak  Fevered Sleep  Greyscale
 Inua Ellams  Kathy Hinde  Little Bulb Theatre
 non zero one  Requardt & Rosenberg  Search Party
 Sleepdogs  Sound&Fury  Sylvia Rimat
 The Plasticine Men  Victoria Melody


During the caravan showcase we run an exchange which is open to a wider group of companies.  See below the 2012 exchange companies.

 Billy Cowie  Cartoon de Salvo  Clara Giraud
 Filament Theatre  Francesca Millican-Slater  Hiccup Theatre
 Inconvenient Spoof  Inspector Sands  KP Projects
 Liz Aggiss  mimbre  Pursued by a Bear Productions
 Slot Machine  Small Things  Spymonkey
 Stan’s Cafe  Stillpoint Theatre  Strangeface
 Sue Maclaine  The Institute for Crazy Dancing  The Karavan Ensemble
 The World Famous  Two Destination Language  Wet Picnic
 Without Walls