international collaboration – creating cultural links abroad

Recently The Guardian rounded up all the best insights, examples and comments from a live chat they held on forming artistic and cultural links overseas.  There are some useful insights and top tips for those thinking of taking work abroad… click here to read the full article

top ten tips on touring abroad

why? Think about the ‘whys’… why do you want to take your work abroad, what are your reasons? Why now? Why you and why that particular piece of work? know what you have What is unique about you, your company and your …Continue reading »

Maja Ardal

by Maja Ardal Maja Ardal was born in Iceland and educated in Scotland. She studied theatre at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama before emigrating to Canada where she has worked for 40 years as actor, director, playwright and professional theatre …Continue reading »

at what cost?

by Gary Hills A decade ago, I was co-director of Theatre Factory, a promotion and production company based in Brussels. The idea was essentially to bring British theatre to the capital of Europe, a polyglot city with English as a lingua franca. …Continue reading »