Dickie Beau

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London-based actor, physical performer and intrepid drag fabulist, Dickie Beau, is a postmodern cultural pickpocket, maverick theatre-maker and twisted video star.

In his first major solo theatre show, Blackouts, groundbreaking drag fabulist Dickie Beau secured exclusive access to the audio tapes of Marilyn Monroe‘s final interview, which were published in LIFE magazine just two days before her death. Featuring this incredible audio footage, as well as material creatively appropriated from Dickie’s own recordings with Richard Meryman, the man who conducted Marilyn’s final interview, Blackouts sees Dickie shapeshift through a shadowy soundscape of lost souls in a sensational theatrical trip to the subconscious underworld of his future self.

Bringing to life these extraordinary audio artefacts, Dickie leads us on a bewitching adventure in found sound as he channels the ghosts of his childhood idols.