Jo Bannon

Alba- credit Paul Blakemore

Jo Bannon is a UK artist making live art and performance. Jo’s work is concerned with human exchange and encounter and explores how our physical bodies experience the world around us and how this sensory experience can or cannot be conveyed. Her performance work often manifests as intimate encounters designed for single or small audiences, alongside staged theatre work and installations.

Jo has developed a reputation for creating performance that is distinctive, elegant and poetic and has made work for theatres, galleries, public spaces, clubs and cupboards.

For caravan, Jo will present Alba, a performance about paleness, blending in and standing out, influenced by the artist’s experience as a person with albinism.

Creating a visual poem of imagery, story, light and sound Alba explores the stories we tell of ourselves and the stories told about us, the myths we inherit and the ones we embody, the identities we cannot shake off and so instead perform.