Square Tap

In addition to the three-day biennial showcase in Brighton, caravan offers a series of training opportunities.

In May 2017, we will be offering training day to theatre makers who are making new to international work. Details to be announced soon. 

In 2015, we offered two training opportunities at Shoreditch Town Hall (London) and The Lowry (Salford). A full day’s programme was aimed at artists and organisations who were established nationally, but who wanted to take their first steps in exploring their international ambition. The course outline started from the assumption that the artist was an international beginner.

The day was designed to give a practical overview of how working internationally could benefit you as an artist or as an organisation. It looked at:
• Artistic development
• Organisational development
• Capacity
• Planning
• Networks
• Types of work
• International opportunities

The caravan training day was led by Gary Hills, one of the Caravan mentors, who has 15 years experience of international working and production. There was also a session delivered by the British Council.

For advice and training around national touring please see house.